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Benefits of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi helps to facilitate balance in the body

(physically, emotionally and spiritually).

Christy’s profound spiritual and healing abilities help clients to be able to let go of old pain on all levels. Christy is truly a gifted healer.

The massage is done with cream or oil with long strokes using hands and forearms. Like the gentle ocean waves, lomi lomi is done in a rhythmic motion. Pressure point work is done using thumbs and elbows always with a “loving touch” so the pressure is just right for the client.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi helps to release stress and tension, increases blood flow and lymph flow, and assists with the elimination of toxins.

Christy's teacher Auntie Margaret Machado taught her students that Lomi Lomi is “a loving touch, a connection of heart, hands and soul with Source of all Life.” Everyone that experiences a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage with Christy says the same thing, “It’s the best massage they have ever had.”


60 min session: $90

90 min session: $130

24 Hour Cancellation Policy:Appointments not cancelled before 24 hours will incur 50% of session fee.

Meet Christy Mulvey LMT

Born in California, Christy has lived on the Big Island of Hawaii since 1984.

After moving to Hawaii, Christy began her massage training with Master Hawaiian Lomi Lomi teacher "Aunty Margaret" Machado in 1987 and apprenticed with her for 16 months learning Advanced Lomi Lomi techniques, Ho'oponopono, Hawaiian Healing herbs and helping with five 10 day Hawaiian Colon Cleanse Programs. Licensed in 1988 (MAT 2273) Christy opened her own Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy in Kailua-Kona and has had a successful massage practice since.

In 1996 Christy recieved Aunty Margaret's blessing to teach Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Aunty held Christy's hand and said, "Teach them everything and teach them Ho'oponopono."

Christy's classes are taught with the same information and spiritual presence as Aunty taught. Her love for the healing work shines through when she is teaching, making her classes fun and very interesting. Christy offers 3 and 4 day workshops to students in the USA and students from Japan working with her translator.

Christy has always been psychic. Her Mother taught her how to use her telepathic abilities in early childhood and to be a sensitive intuitive. In 1999 Christy started her Clairvoyant Training for 10 years also becoming a Clairvoyant Teacher, Aura Healing Teacher and Beginning Clairvoyant Teacher at the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Now she is teaching Meditation Classes at her massage office in Kailua-Kona Hawaii.

Studying Huna and Shamanism, Christy has many healing modalities to offer her clients: offering in-person Clairvoyant Spiritual Healings and Readings, House and Business Blessings, and long distant readings over the phone.




Classes are postponed until further notice

Thursday-Saturday, 9:00am-5:00pm



This class is open to all levels

Learn about the Ancient Healing Art of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. In this class you will learn a 60 minute full body massage routine, and a 15 minute chair massage routine. Learn 2 Hawaiian Chants, Ho'oponpono (forgiveness) and get a 25 page Lomi Lomi Manual and the entire 60 minute Lomi Lomi Massage routine on DVD and VIMEO Link. Students receive a certificate upon completion of training.

For more information and to register: call or email Christy

808-896-7276 , lomilomikona@aol.com

     Christy has created a professional "Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Tutorial Video" of the complete 60 minute Lomi Lomi routine for students that take her class.








Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Class 2015 April 2015 Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Class Graduates

                                                                 with Instructor Christy Mulvey LMT